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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dialectic Of Enallages With Wittgenstein [From This Week's Combatwords]

Dialectic Of Enallages With Wittgenstein [From this week's Combatwords]

And the nightmares were worse you said; reaching an apex
In your waking. I said it was terror—ennui, not
An invader of sleep. And you said you were riding
In a trance as you opened your eyes in the morning.
And the sleepiness, real. And this wakefulness, figment
Of a thing you’ve forgotten or haven’t the language
To just state in pure symbols. The language is failing
You: its signals are static—absolving intentions
Far beyond definitions, in spaces between us.

Relevant a little after 5:45

Scottish Cowboy Gangsta Opera-Rap

I think it sounds best if you press play on all three at once... in fact, I think I'd argue it's most complete playing all three at once. It's as if they were secretly synchronized.

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