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Friday, July 23, 2010

Destination: Darkness [#twitterfoundpoem July 23, 2010]

Destination: Darkness [#twitterfoundpoem July 23, 2010]

Subliminal messaging in music:
being chased by pitbulls and rotweilers.
FISH!!! hate them shits.
alligators? hate them.
pump dat bass!!!

in music I am Falling off a skyscraper
whilst pumpin gas for my car and I terrorize the
gas station. someone is getting shot
whilst I pump dat bass!!!

I lock my car doors whilst pumpin bass.
the pitch darkness is coming. it swirls around my car.
I hear FISH, rotweilers, alligators, pitbulls... bees
outside my car in the pitch darkness.
lol yea I drive!!!

somewhere, someone jumped in front of a train whilst
that someone pumped dat Subliminal messaging in music.
somewhere, someone is getting messaging in music...
Falling in love... being attacked by bees in the pitch darkness...
being pushed off a skyscraper: all these things are
and lol yea I drive somewhere, ANY somewhere
with my music pumpin; chased by pitbulls, pitch darkness,
and dat bass!!!

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