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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cross-Time Epistolary [Twitter Found Poem, July 11, 2010]

Cross-Time Epistolary [Twitter Found Poem, July 11, 2010]

a short message encoded inside
a confederacy of reference...
obscure and ancient text...
who was i?? who i was??
inside that book
someone STILL knew.

I had vaporized an imposter
before the madness.
but afterward I was STILL filled with craziness...
and inside that ancient book someone
STILL knew who i was??

I composed my own book.
when multiplied by millions of words
the result brought ancient Generations
my code of obscure craziness...
I knew who they were too.
I brought them my own book
and changed the course of history
and shared my madness with the ancestors:
a Periodic Table of dunces.
Chemistry was never the same.

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