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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Abominable Mystic [Today's News Poem, July 28, 2010]

Abominable Mystic [Today's News Poem, July 28, 2010]

Aquarium mystic; a trifle of suckers.
And eyes like a monster—just look at the fucker:
A throwback to slime with its brute premonitions,
Resembling something like pre-Fall cognition.
It's worthy of worship—as if I were praying
To nightmares no trite glossolaliac saying
Could capture; no light in the tunnel of dying,
No god can be equal to octopus scrying.
A seizure of rapture, a moment of fainting;
I wake to the feeling of tentacle tainting.
It covers my nose and my lips as a suture
I gaze in its eyes and it tells me my future.

“He claims that the octopus is a symbol of decadence and decay among "his enemies"... the Iranian president accused the octopus of spreading "western propaganda and superstition." ”
– The Telegraph, 1:30PM BST 27 Jul 2010

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2 comments: said...

Practically perfect. Thoroughly engaging. And it confirms how strange the world is.

I'd like to see pre-Fall, personally.

Khakjaan Wessington said...

Wasn't sure on that one. Okay, caps it is.