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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vacation For Dad [Twitter Found Poem, June 19, 2010]

Vacation For Dad [Twitter Found Poem, June 19, 2010]

#DearDad thank you for being the father that
your millions of other kids never had.
I'm gonna become wealthy enough so u
can stay at home, chillax & take a permanent vacation.
so U can walk to the fridge to get
some yummy wine.

OOPs, my bad.
how can I forget??
I can not become wealthy.
did U forget U forget my child support!!??
did U forget U STOLE my college money??

thanks for showing me how a man should treat a woman.
I see it everyday with how u treat mommy...
with how u treat your love for alcohol and rot...

I love u Most when I treat u
to a ten commandment
i just might break
and U still get to take a permanent vacation.

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1 comment:

Ms. M. Hudson said...

SMH @ you. You're something else. I love it but wish there wasn't so much truth in it. *sighs*