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Monday, June 14, 2010

Today's News Poem & Guest Twitter Found Poem Coming Up, But First...

If you're a regular reader, you know I'm always looking for ways to promote Toylit & am constantly shifting my tactics. For now, I think Stumbleupon is the most effective means of promotion. So if you appreciate all the hard work I put in to Toylit, then please help spread the word. I hate to nag, but Stumbleupon is the most effective means of promotion for Toylit so far. If you don't have an account and you want to help Toylit, set one up and promote as many Toylit URLs as possible. The more I get self-perpetuating promotion, the more I can focus on writing & editing, instead of promoting pre-existing writing.

So Stumbleupon for now is my favorite applause. Checking out my sponsors is my second favorite form, but I appreciate any and all promotions you do for Toylit.

That's all. Enjoy Today's News Poem & Guest Twitter Found Poem.

PS: Here's a how-to guide for promoting Toylit on Stumbleupon:

2)Make a new account.
3)Open a second browser window.
4)Go to
5)Click the stumbleupon badge on the right side of the page.
6)If someone else already promoted the page first, there will be a green button. When you click it, it will go black.
7)If someone else did not promote the page, you will be sent to a submission page. Put 'poetry' in the tags section, click 'safe for work' and if you want to put a blurb in underneath, go for it. Something catchy for the casual browser.
8)I keep a promotions file to save having to retype things. I use alt-tab to bounce between applications and I can usually get 20 promotions done in 3-5 minutes. If I have to copy & paste a blurb for stumbleupon, that makes it more like 7-10 minutes.

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1 comment:

Khakjaan Wessington said...

Added a how to guide for Stumbleupon in the body, above.