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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tinfoil Versus Psy-Ops [Twitter Found Poem, June 29, 2010]

Tinfoil Versus Psy-Ops [Twitter Found Poem, June 29, 2010]

hopefulli the STARS wiLL stay in place
and I can just leave the tinfoil skullcap
At home. a tinfoil skullcap can soothe agitated
nervous systems, reduce mental chatter
and help you get some sleep.
I can't wait to watch riots.

the police started the violent riots.
Possible Black Psy-Ops are shooting stars
OUT Of the sky with the remote missile launch.
Black Psy-Ops are auto-dismissing
confidence, skill, physical power and practice time
with patriotism in the water.
Psy-Ops are auto-dismissing mental systems
and put nervous chatter on tv in its place.

When I take off the tinfoil weave or any type of tinfoil extention
At home and watch tv I see I launch a missile,
shooting stars OUT Of the sky.
I see I launch violent riots with the police.
Black police Psy-Ops on tv,
slaps me with house arrest
and take away My tinfoil skullcap,
rendering me helpless.

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