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Saturday, June 12, 2010

One Hour STD [Twitter Found Poem, June 12, 2010]

One Hour STD [Twitter Found Poem, June 12, 2010]

i think if the world was left in the hands of some of u
it would be a giant weed smoking std stricken orgy.
So Hooray for the sun! One more hour to Nova! Woohoo!
One hour std! Enhance your Nova sun enjoyment
by cracking open your tv and castrating yourself with a
Tiny Dark Skinned Ladyboy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

open your Artificial Vagina Bible...
Dramatically Enhance Sexual Experience Through
castrating yourself and getting Sarah Palin breast implants!
CUT that tiny penis off
love that Tiny Dark Skinned Ladyboy!

did Tiny Dark Skinned Ladyboy get u
More Infected Than Thought?
did u get More HIV Infected head/butt shots
from Tiny Dark Skinned Ladyboy usage
Than u Thought?
No worries.
Listen to the low atonal droning
of the giant sun!
One more second to Nova! Woohoo!

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