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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Liquid Equilibrium [Today's News Poem, June 10, 2010]

Liquid Equilibrium [Today's News Poem, June 10, 2010]

By handful, the ocean will drown you. Your vessel
Will croak for its life as its fibers are battered
By nothing but water. The palm of Poseidon
Will plunge you and nothing will save you from gulping
The salt... from a beard of the seaweed that grapples
The tide. And this war that you waged with the fathoms
Is lost. So let go of the totems of travel:
Your goddess of luck is a carving of ceder,
Your phone is the messenger calling your finish.
The water that fills you with storm in your cells
Will hide you in corals, in sand—under shells.

“A 16-year-old Southern California girl attempting a solo sail around the world was feared in trouble Thursday in the frigid, heaving southern Indian Ocean after her emergency beacons began signaling and communication was lost. Abby soon ran into equipment problems and had to stop for repairs. She gave up the goal of setting the record in April, but continued on. On May 15, Australian 16-year-old Jessica Watson claimed the record after completing a 23,000-mile circumnavigation in 210 days.”
– John Antczak, The Associated Press, 56 Minutes ago, as of 2:51pm PST, June 10, 2010

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