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Friday, June 25, 2010

Intersubjective Symbiosis [Today's News Poem, June 25, 2010]

Intersubjective Symbiosis [Today's News Poem, June 25, 2010]

Who measured my soul? It is air, I am certain.
And dying this once, will the life everlasting
They promise, deliver contentment with scalpels?
The liver: an eater of toxins. Diseases
Take refuge in lungs; with their essences weighing
The same as my own—that is, nothing but error
That copies itself through the ages, and hitches
A ride on my final exhale: I am praying.

“...scientists have successfully implanted lab-made lung tissue into living rats. The fully functional tissue can exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide, the key role of the lungs. The scientists--led by a team at Yale University--used a chemical treatment to remove all existing cells from adult rat lungs, keeping the structure of the airways and vascular system intact to later serve as a sort of "scaffold" for the growth of new lung cells. ”
– Leslie Katz, Cnet, June 24, 2010

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