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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Eagle of Victory [Today's News Poem, June 16, 2010]

Eagle of Victory [Today's News Poem, June 16, 2010]

An eagle is circling over parades.
The streamers are flying on gusts through the street.
They're waving at tanks and there's no one's afraid
Of barrels of steel. Who can think of defeat?
Who notes what the eagle observes as she glides
On breezes of tape? Who ignited the blaze?
The distance is burning—it crackles: it's fried.
The weather is shifting. The fallout they praise
Is blowing their way and they'll share what they gave:
A basket of flame for the barrel of tripe
They offered the gods. Is Prometheus brave?
He's screaming. Imagine his pain. And you gripe
About what your avarice brings on a cloud?
Go call for the gods. They are deaf to the proud.

“China wants to sell two nuclear reactors to Pakistan. The Obama administration thinks that’s a bad idea – but how to oppose that plan while dodging charges of hypocrisy, given the administration only last year sealed a US deal to supply India with civilian nuclear equipment? And how to press to halt the intended sale while preserving relations with two crucial partners, China and Pakistan?”
– Howard LaFranchi, The Christian Science Monitor, June 16, 2010

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Anonymous said...

Ethically the answer can be quite simple. Pakistan has internal stability problems which raise the risk of proliferation.

India on the other hand is an internally stable secular democracy. In terms of population, India is the World's largest democracy.

It is a matter of risk assesment. Risks should be comparable in both instances to accuse the US of hypocricy.

gamefaced said...

"Go call for the gods. They are deaf to the proud."

love this.