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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blond Mermaid Foam [Today's News Poem (Sonnet), June 17, 2010]

Blond Mermaid Foam [Today's News Poem (Sonnet), June 17, 2010]

The beaches are empty and blackened with tar.
A yellowish foam has deposited gifts
The currents rejected: the husk of a star
Is shrouded in plastic. The coast is the rift
Where elements gather. I call for my pet.
It sails up the mouth of the vomiting bay,
Where chemicals spice up the watery jets
Of petrol, of hormones that jump up and spray
My face off the rocks. And the jellyfish swims
To home to my hands where I reach out and sting
It, tearing the gel with my fingers. Its limbs
Are flailing. I savor the taste and I sing
To mermaids to send me their sisters by tide
To flavor the sea, or to serve as my brides.

“The city of San Francisco just tentatively approved a law spotlighting cell phone radiation, so we rounded up 10 phones and Bluetooth headsets that can help distance yourself from emissions. ”
– Sean Ludwig, PC Magazine, 6.17.2010,2817,2365224,00.asp

“The Turritopsis nutricula is known as the "immortal jellyfish" because even once sexually mature, it can revert back to its polypoid stage, its first life stage. And then rinse and repeat. Again and again. From Mother Nature Network:”
– David Pescovitz, Boing Boing, 11:25 AM Thursday, Jun 17, 2010

“The lion's mane and blue jellyfish, which are usually found further north, are thought to have been attracted by plankton blooms.”
– BBC, 15 June 2010 13:52 UK

“Fill a very large container with salted water. Fold in 12 million tons of nitrogen fertilizer. Add millions of fish, shrimp, clams, gulls, pelicans and other wildlife. Top with 100 million gallons of crude oil. Warm gently, uncovered, for a summer... Or, if you want to be lighthearted about it, you could think of it as a new kind of cooking. Americans, with their unstoppable appetites for cheap oil (the Gulf spill) and cheap food (the fertilizer-polluted Mississippi), are whipping up a big new gumbo in the Gulf. Let's hope it's not a recipe for disaster.”
– Thomas Hager,, Tuesday, June 15, 2010, 8:00 AM

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Jasmine said...

I really loved this. Fantastic.