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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

2responsblydevlop [Twitter Found Poem, June 8, 2010]

2responsblydevlop [Twitter Found Poem, June 8, 2010]

u standing in da urinal next to me as i piss oil?
Wit your shea butter?
there is a 2 urinal buffer zone!
The bathroom, is a closed, finite system.
If you pollute or destroy the toilets,
we are the ones who pay.

i DON'T trust u

If freedom doesn't come with spyware,
and comes with inferior user promises then
your freedom.

the smell...the stench...It's SO nasty...
quick!! OPEN the Windows!!
closed systems can't coexist with
OPEN systems. I smell the smell
of oil piss. My smell is SO Ohmygoodness,
But you smell SO nasty.

i piss oil, But you can piss off.
you piss me off. you pollute The bathroom
Wit your shea butter. your duty is 2responsbly
devlop The bathroom resorces4humankind!!

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