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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Money's the Only Rule [Twitter Found Poem, May 2, 2010]

Money's the Only Rule [Twitter Found Poem, May 2, 2010]
Tweets+Edits= #twitterfoundpoem

before the Earth is DOOMED
lemme just say #IWantMyMoneyBack !
Throwing yourself at the casket is unacceptable.
just gimme my OWN GODDAMN money back!

don't act a fool on Earth if your name isn't in the program.
U tryna look betta den da dead body?
U should not b worried about upstagin any1 !!
There are no #FuneralRules .
Just save your scissors for someone else's skin.

save fights for wedding receptions !!
get ya hair && ya nails done for the funeral...
dis is it !!
The Beach is TERRIBLE
&& #IWantMyMoneyBack

This ride sux
DA PPL sux
Air quality sux
don't be so over the top with the crying.
I Don't care if this is a Sugar Daddy's funeral!!
I ain't visitin your gravesite every year
sweatin you bout a funky ass dollar !
I ain't NEVER Gonna
cut my use of oil dramatically by 2015
&& ain't nobody visitin my gravesite
except Hell's Angels .

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