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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Life is Sacred ?? [Twitter Found Poem, May 1, 2010]

Life is Sacred ?? [Twitter Found Poem, May 1, 2010]

When good Lung Cancer
lucky strikes you
you should sacrifice an ounce of baby
to Michael Jordan's Steak House.

the prognosis is bad!
ask me about our specials
Get pregnant Lying on
our dining room table.
our HOSTILE waitstaff
is Pleased to be of help.

life is sacred ??
Somebody Get Lying About Some Shit & You Know
They Lying! I was about to ask if you had Seen
The madness Up Close and Personal
but You ain't Seen shit.
we deliver, your cure
When you deliver
& ounce of baby flesh and blood.

your parents gave you life
you have to sacrifice an ounce
of happiness to show your appreciation.
It's the only way....

We will find a cure 4 everything
from Autism to Oil Spill to Lung Cancer
to happiness. health care reform
can fix anything
except stupidity.

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