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Friday, May 07, 2010

Le RAGER [Twitter Found Poem, May 7, 2010]

Le RAGER [Twitter Found Poem, May 7, 2010]
Tweets+Edits= #twitterfoundpoem

the suspicious package in Times Square is a small white cooler
with Schrödinger's Dybbuk inside .
open it yourself ,
party in the dybbuk scene.
It's going to be RAGER!

Want to see A SERIOUS MAN again?
shut down the small white cooler
and the homunculus is U !

have a good theory on the selfish nature
of homunculi & the dybbuk scene?
The Associated Press reports that Le Cordon
Bleu can`t contain
Le RAGER House Party tonight
inside a small white cooler in Times Square!

LET'S get this RAGER started!!!
It's going global !
Schrödinger's Dybbuk Army deployed in London.
homunculi arrest the Queen!!!
The Army can`t contain
Le RAGER House Party in Times Square!

with a complete breakfast
U package in a small white cooler
4 u 2 EAT ; when u EAT
with Schrödinger's Dybbuk
& when the homunculus is U
There is nothing u 2 can't do!

They're grrreat!!!

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