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Friday, April 02, 2010

Today's Found Poem on Twitter [April 2, 2010]

Re: 9aBy, chriztasays, bignoon, orig_maka_nani, PIFF_PCH, ki9884, db2dacoops, AGuzman17, tev600, LoniSwain, SubaBat, lindsay_marie21, MaudeCat, RevPriest, RupertBATS, bexmunro, jordobro

a magic Jew died a long long time ago.
he was zombified on monday
nailed to a cross
he went extinct for your sins

Don't talk shit.
he was zombified on monday
u gonna be feeling bad on a Friday?
raptor jesus went extinct
he was zombified on monday
a long long time ago.

the passover bunny brings
chocolate covered matza
I can't buy booze
I can't reach your face
I can't wait for my tax refund to pay this all off

try not to get nailed to a cross
try not to be too jealous.
try not to wake up too early
most of us don't have
the resurrection powerup.

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