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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Philia [Twitter Found Poem, April 7, 2010]

Philia [Twitter Found Poem, April 7, 2010]
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Every absurdity has a champion.
Sexual interest in being crawled upon
or nibbled by small insects
has a champion to defend it.

God will definitely bless necrophilia.
Tiger Woods was zipping about banging into everything Sexual
Even if you go by the 5 second rule
Even if you are not that interested anymore...
her body is still warm. A little necrophilia
never killed anyone.

I enjoy insects in art
but not dodging them
if you're into necrophilia Formicophilia
if you're into SPECTACULARRR loool
if you enjoy insects in art,
the height of absurdity in one generation
often becomes the height of wisdom in the next.

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pixel8design said...

Please remove my pixel8design name immediately. I don't appreciate my name being used in something like this without my permission.