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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kiss It Goodbye [Twitter Found Poem, April 22, 2010]

Kiss It Goodbye [Twitter Found Poem, April 22, 2010]

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Well, usually a large # of jets show up.
pilots tryna sober up b4 party time
at the daycare.
King Wenceslas is going to eat 4000 of those children
broken bones going to the children's museum.

DO NOT MIX children with schnapps.
throw a going-away Grenade
b4 party time:
im trying to get 1000 by tonight.
trying not to curse our children
just tryna take more shots &
improve My Call of Duty
b4 party time @CAPITOL CITY, yo.

Did trained SEALs reduce operating expense
and/or inventory in Iraq & Chicago ghetto ?
if you answered "yes" & you improve sales
come to my party in the haunted
sober up b4 party time &
throw a going-away Grenade at the daycare
or hahaha kiss your job goodbye!!

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