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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Just a Dream [News Poem April 3, 2010]

Just a Dream [News Poem April 3, 2010]
“James isn't the first spring breaker to die from a balcony fall this year. Brandon Kohler, a 19-year-old from Winder, Ga., died March 24 when he fell from a fifth-floor balcony at the Holiday Terrace Motel in Panama City Beach.”
--JOE KAY (AP) – 48 minutes ago as of 1:09pm PST

Drink and drop.
Grog and slop.
Blot it out.
Fuck this place.
Fuck your face.

Nothing's fake
Nothing's real.
Nothing's sake:
Best of deals.

Final trick:
(Happens quick).
1. Fifteen beers
2. Breaks the wall.
3. Blackout drunk
4. Helps me fall.
5. Life is bunk.

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