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Monday, April 05, 2010

Inherit the Dirt [Today's News Poem, April 5, 2010]

Inherit the Dirt [Today's News Poem, April 5, 2010]
“Tiger Woods opened Masters week with a news conference unlike any other Monday - from his apology to fellow PGA Tour players to fielding questions on topics ranging from his infamous one-vehicle accident Nov. 27 to his treatment by controversial Canadian doctor Anthony Galea.”
Ron Kroichick, Chronicle Staff WriterMonday, April 5, 2010
“My younger son wanted to take AP U.S. history. I assumed that, like Garfield, the school would welcome anyone with the gumption to take such a hard course. Instead, he was told he could get in if he passed an entrance test. Once again I was in a land ruled by sorting, not teaching.”
-Jay Mathews, Washington Post, April 4, 2010
“After concerns about cheating came to light in 2005, the TEA hired Caveon Test Security, which found that cheating may have taken place at 609 schools that spring. Among the problems, an investigation in Fort Worth revealed that two teachers may have provided students answers at A.M. Pate Elementary School.”
--JESSAMY BROWN, Star-Telegram, Saturday, Apr. 03, 2010
“The artists allege Mr Gant breached the Fair Trading Act by preparing valuations and sale documents for the works, which implied they were authentic.”
--KATE HAGAN, The, March 25, 2010
“But there is a flip side. It's more thrilling to be on the outskirts of society. There's an element of danger.”
--Op-Art | Lauren Redniss, April 5, 2010

The nice shall finish last.
They shall inherit squat.
They shall eat shit and die.

The everyman's a chump—
Invites his every thump—
Who gives a shit? Who dumps
Confetti? Pats his rump
And says, 'good job?' The trump?

The villains play the cast;
As heroes, foes—the plot
Is always fixed. Bad guys

Can't stand to win unless
They're seen as noble sorts:
Can't stand the hate and stress
It brings. They fake comport
Themselves as those they screwed:
The everyman—the dude
Who works to death to pay
For jerks who hate his ways—
But want his virtue-haze.

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