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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

God's LAST DAY ON A JOB God Hates [Twitter Found Poem April 14, 2010]

God's LAST DAY ON A JOB God Hates [Twitter Found Poem April 14, 2010]

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God's LAST DAY ON A JOB God hates.
God hates all the same people you do.
God Hates Your Outfit.
God Hates THE TRUTH.

#Theresnothinglike God's :L :L :L Love
for leprechauns & FAKE FRIENDS &
Agents of Ahriman.

I am excited to see God work.
This nigga work in a restaurant
wasting time for no pay?
Well guess what,

& making money!
Escape this cycle of fat loss and fitness confusion now.
stop eating fried food
& nasty Chinese .
God :L :L :L loves profit.

What's the absolute best thing on the menu?
making money ?
get rid of the dead weight:
a new evolutionary niche: food animal.
Food animals are very successful!
& Ancient Ones have surprising appetites.
They eat about twice as much as I do.

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rToady said...

You know, I worked with God for a while at a temp job. He was always coming over to my cubicle to tell me racist jokes. It surprised me because I always figured he'd be more, you know, tolerant. The worst though was that he'd laugh at all his own jokes. Fuck do I hate when people do that.

I think he got eventually nailed on some sexual harassment charge and got transferred to some other office.

rToady said...

No, wait, you know, I just realized that I'm thinking of some other guy.