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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Flak Jacket [Top Post of Yesterday's Guest News Poem by R. Toady, April 8, 2010]

Flak Jacket
By Rutherford Toady

He walks swiftly, balancing
An unopened Can of Pepsi
On his clipboard until it topples off,
Thunks to the sidewalk.

He bends over, picks it up
And wordlessly sets it back on the board,

Clamping the dented can beneath his palm
As he darts across the street
And slips between the sliding glass doors.

Surely he must know
That the carbonation inside the can
Has become agitated, that
The can is now a bomb,
An aluminum grenade
Of volatile pop waiting
To have its pin cracked.
Surely he will take the time
To tap the top of the can
And hold it over the sink,
Pointing the spray safely away
When he flips the tab.
Surely he won't forget that.

Surely he won't take his drink
Directly into the meeting
Before opening it.
Surely today isn't the day
He decided to wear
His best, his only

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