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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dying Inside [Twitter Found Poem April 11, 2010]

Dying Inside [Twitter Found Poem April 11, 2010]

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Ima Hustla...I Can Sell Salt To A Slug.
It's the perfect weather for curling up
and dying haha

can save a dollar tomorrow
or 1 million years from now!

Off to work! Gotta make that money!
The Lord will perFECT that which concerns me

i'm hoarding... eleventybillion dollar
a day for the rest of my life
We are all interested in the future
Shamanic studies & doing nothing

i'm Buried Alive
I'm not the lucky kinda that get weekends off!
running hot, whirring away
Hope its faster then yesterday!
ONE TIME can never get old,
I'm definitely dying inside right now.
Silly Twitter
Sailing to Byzantium is for chumps.

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