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Monday, April 12, 2010

Conspiracy Thralls [News Poem April 12, 2010]

Conspiracy Thralls [News Poem April 12, 2010]
“"Beck's irresponsible comparisons of progressive leaders to Stalin, Mao and Nazi Germany cannot be dismissed as merely silly or stupid," wrote SEIU Director of Strategic Affairs Michelle Ringuette in an e-mail to the union's supporters. "This kind of rhetoric can instigate unbalanced individuals into committing rash and violent acts. And if Fox News wants to continue giving him a platform to spread hate, they should not profit from it."”
– Teddy Davis, ABC News, April 12, 2010
“In an interview with CBS News the President was asked about some of the heated rhetoric aimed his way and he wasn't shy about calling out the offenders. Responding to charges on talk radio that he is a socialist, or worse a Nazi, the President went directly to the source.”
– Joe Tacopino, New York Daily News, April 3rd 2010, 12:48 PM

Cigars for all—and gin as well.
It's not as if the cancer swells
Within the men who own the cure—
And being men, our rank is sure.
And all us gentlemen agree
Deception's truth—a few degrees
Of forceful lies by willing shills—
By radio hosts hooked on pills,
Deluded fucks and other simps—
Provoke the cause we sought to pimp.
The outrage pawns like Rush inspire—
Who needs to lie? We're boys at choir.
The truth is there for all to see
And yet each lie's 'calamity.'
So let them rage. Outrageous freaks
Will deafen ears when truth cares speak.
It takes a man to take the world;
It takes the semen that we've hurled—
While others work-off what we've played
And rear our young, though we have preyed
Upon their hopes. They duel themselves
While we drink cognac off the shelves
Our lackeys stocked. If work gets done
Then let them war. For ballot, gun,
And parties work for us: the men
Who sign their paychecks with our pens.

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