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Friday, April 30, 2010

A-10 Thunderbolt Fat-Killer [Twitter Found Poem April 30, 2010]

A-10 Thunderbolt Fat-Killer [Twitter Found Poem April 30, 2010]

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the shitty oil situation
hates having its photo taken.
Have you ever seen a REAL Live Halliburton b4 lol??

REAL life ?? well that's some scary shit.
lets crawl Til you & your fat ass can walk again...
But for now let's fly an Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle
Powered by a tub of liposuctioned fat.
I prefer the A-10 but you can probs just pick any.

Take an elevator to the top floor
TO THE meet with THE BIG man
let's talk about this Crazy world we live in. lol !!

You'll never walk again
ur not even strong enough
2 stop *NOM NOM**NOM NOM*
stuffing your face.
Are you ready to stop
stuffing your face
to stop the shitty oil situation??
or Are you going 2 start hates having your photo taken too??

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