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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Working on Today's News Poem and End of Feb Edition

I will start working on Today's News Poem now and will hopefully finish it before the afternoon's contingencies truncate my work.

The End of Feb Edition is lots of work. It's not going to be filled with 'true' final drafts after all. I think by the end of March however, Jan/Feb's News Poems ought to be edited to their true potential. This means additional verses, new images, elimination of problematic metaphors, better wordplay and so forth.

I'm too immersed in the actual activity to see the News Poem aesthetic mutate very deeply; however, I can see some changes. Before, I think I let the news (mostly) guide my verse. The News Poems were more literal. As of late, I'm getting sick of the repetition of the News (which is why it pissed me off enough to write News Poems in the first place) and have been trying to engage it on my terms. I can't tell how that looks to a reader, but hopefully it's doing what I want it to do.

Pretty much, the bulk of the feedback I get from you, my readers, is in the form of web traffic. But you can be harsher. I can take it. The deleted comments you see are merely spammers... I will not censor your response to Toylit unless you spam without my permission (I don't consider regular posters and readers spammers though, so if you'd like to promote a relevant page of your own, feel free to link it up w/ the appropriate link on Toylit... but make sure you also write. I refuse to let this page turn into a place of mute link-trading). Only a few of you are challenging the poems. Even if you like my verse, don't you think I'd get better, faster if you let me know what did/didn't work for you?

Anyhow, too much yapping, not enough composition.

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