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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Settling the Healthcare Debate [Bonus, Fuck Around Poem, March 4, 2010]

Settling the Healthcare Debate [Bonus, Fuck Around Poem, March 4, 2010]

“the key divide between Obama and Republicans is philosophical: Democrats generally are confident that an enlarged role for government can help rein in costs, even as it expands healthcare coverage to more Americans. Republicans favor new efforts to harness marketplace forces, while targeting specific programs to reduce the number of uninsured.”
--Mark Trumbull, Christian Science Monitor, March 4, 2010

Light! Behold the crown of horns...
Beastly? Wrong! Our child newborn...
Horrible it's true—and yet
Wonderful. We're fit! I bet
Other mothers never know
Pain like this... at least she grows.
Genes determine fate above
Governments and gods. My love!
Quieter my love. Our bean,
Baby girl; she feeds on spleen
Now, but later she will nest
Deep within my upper chest.

Humankind too long's had faith...
Smoggish men exist like wraiths
Murdering by ounce or mole.
Poison's now the new control
Slaving people's flesh. Diseased?
Certainly. With meds it's eased.
Hospitals collect the debt:
Life for life—I'll sooner die.
Baby girl, end daddy's set.
Eat me. Eat them sweetie pie.

Teach that evolution
Holds healthcare's true solution.

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