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Monday, March 15, 2010

Roman Disease [Edit of Today's News Poem, March 15, 2010]

Roman Disease [News Poem, March 15, 2010]

“Auferre, trucidare, rapere, falsis nominibus imperium; atque, ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant.”

““The cost of war is something that we’ve not paid all that much attention to,” Dambach said. “Let’s dispel the myth that war is good for the economy. What utter nonsense. The average cost of a civil war … is 60 billion dollars, in places like Ethiopia, the Congo and Nepal.””

Somehow, even though the pompous tweeds
(Needing new unlikely theses) claimed
Time will beat America (who reads
Essays anymore?), they're right. They blamed
Nobody important, least of all
Colleagues snared by private enterprise—
Idolized. Success in abstracts thralls
Thoughtful people, leading to surprise
When barbarians (they're called) attack.
Don't they know the law is just a gun?
Legions guard the ivory tower's gates.
They should fear that history is run
Never won. The heirs of Rome update
Roman laws, accepting Roman fates.
Contracts—death in print, enforced by arms,
Jail, or poverty by credit rates—
Artifice of ink. The false alarm:
Greatness falls from heights. They don't equate
Wastelands with the peace. They should, for fee;
Ditching all their fake-ass modesty.
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1 comment:

Khakjaan Wessington said...

I thought it needed a part two, but it didn't. It needed edits. Not happy w/ end result, but at least the worst mistakes have been repaired.