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Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Game of Chess [Today's News Poem March 11, 2010]

A Game of Chess [Today's News Poem March 11, 2010]

“What was the spark that lit her interest in radical Islam? Born in Michigan, raised in Texas, living in Pennsylvania, LaRose may have had no contact with actual Muslims prior to professing a willingness to die for their cause in electronic messages.
In June 2008, LaRose posted a comment on YouTube saying she was “desperate to do something somehow to help” suffering Muslims. According to the timeline in the US indictment, it appears that only after that was she connected with a loose band of international extremists who suggested she help plot the murder of Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks.”
--Peter Grier, Christian Science Monitor, March 11, 2010

The age of loyalty's not dead,
Not exorcised: the trait evolved.
We neither live behind, ahead,
Nor inbetween the times—we've solved

Some riddles; nothing war can't fix.
A bit of zero sum uplifts
The winner's soul. War's waged by cliques
And just because allegiance shifts

That doesn't mean that faith's gone dry.
A piety combined with rage
Explodes with zealotry. The spry
Will fight those others fear engage.

In conflict, righteousness is won.
The status quo must face or fail
The challenge it would rather shun.
But martyrs tip perception's scale

Until the entity of state,
Of church, or other cause is lost
For want of worship; sealing fate
As newer faiths take tithing's cost.

Salute a flag, or amity,
Or anime... astrology—
We serve to shape calamity
In service of idolatry.

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1 comment:

rToady said...

Excuse me if I play the kvetch
but that final rhyme is quite a stretch.