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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Zoology [Today's News Poem, Feb 13, 2010]

Zoology [Today's News Poem, Feb 13, 2010]

“It didn't happen. There's no way .... they are still alive.”
--Amy Bishop

“The shootings on the university campus opened a window into the pressure-cooker world of biotechnology start-ups, where scientists often depend on their association with academia for a leg up.”
--Shaila Dewan and Liz Robbins, NYT

A pressure cooker, right? A princess takes
The world by right—her flesh is good: it's white.
She's not an animal. The 'black man' fakes
His decent traits, but her, she fakes her fight—
“It didn't happen,” right? “They're still alive”
She said—that's right. Just ask the news—like you
It wants to know how snow can act like jive-
Ass darkies. Whites with burdens tend imbue
Their sacrifice for darker folks with tragedy.
The blacks just suffer less: their pains are comedy.

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