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Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Was the Question? [Today's News Poem, Feb 18, 2010]

What Was the Question? [Today's News Poem, Feb 18, 2010]
"Violence not only is the answer, it is the only answer,"
--Andrew Joseph Stack

“Officials labeled the crash a criminal, not terrorist, attack. 'I consider this a criminal act by a lone individual,' said Police Chief Art Acevedo... The Web site was taken down on Thursday afternoon after a request from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, according to the president of the Web-hosting service.“

The word was set by ancient scribes
In ledgers. Debt and credit tabs
Of clay permitted first some bribes—
With theft of state soon up for grabs.
A king would come with debt relief
Elites would take an oath and fief.
But justice always falls to greed
Usurper kings forget to heed
The history of whom they freed.
The only answer never needs
A question asked. It's not a deed;
It's more a way of life to bleed
The ones who claim we're chattel
To milk and herd like cattle.
The ones who tell us they are you;
That you (and I) are nothing new—
Are nothing more than cells—
Are patriotic shells.
The 'self' is just a spell
The liars like to tell.
We beat the German Reich,
But still we look alike:
They killed for Russian oil—
This shit just never spoils.
Just pay your tax, just shut your fucking lips.
They kill in sips until they drop the axe.

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Khakjaan Wessington said...

I made corrections on Feb 20, 2010 on this.