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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Today's News Poem: All Three Parts in One Post 2.17.10

At Home, in Room 101: A Poem in Three Acts [Today's News Poem, Feb 17, 2010]

“President Obama defended his year-old economic recovery package on Wednesday, arguing that the package, the major legislative achievement of his presidency so far, has created or saved as many as two million new jobs, lowered taxes for 95 percent of Americans and spared the country a potentially disastrous depression.”
–Sheryl Gay Stolberg

“Other officials, however, appeared worried that dumping mortgage debt into a fragile market might drive up home loan rates, compromising what tentative stabilization has been achieved in housing... Still, there was active discussion on the principle behind it -- that the time might be nearing for a pullback. ”
--Reuters, Feb 17, 2010; 2:39pm ET

“Treasurys also saw losses accelerate after minutes from the Federal Reserve's last meeting on monetary policy revealed several members wanted the Fed to sell assets in the near future. ”
--Nick Godt, Marketwatch, Feb 17, 2010

On live teevee I saw the Head of State
Ascend. The Chairman also lifted off;
They hovered. Doubting what I saw, the late
Or later show at first provoked a scoff;
But moved to tears I saw the clips once more
Online and cursed again my skeptical,
And anti-patriotic—lonely—core.
I'll be a media receptacle
Forever, once I learn to see
What others see on live teevee.

Corruption gnawed my soul; my Lord defragged it clear.
Regrets for past procrastinations wracked my thoughts;
My Lord deleted dreadful files: magnetic cheer!
The now's a one and history's a simple ought.
My Lord, this prayer, I offer lovingly to you:
Please grant us cancer drugs our doctors brew from yew—
Expunge from files all trace of morning air and dew—
May every day become the same and never new.

This gnome, this alter-ego lied.
The misdirection stood as proof
My quest to find a way inside
The tower: not some holy goof.

I told him, “Fuck your lying speech
Your Gods are stones—let's break some now.
There. See how nihilism's reach
Is always short of sacred cows

That you preserve?” He's there today
Repairing that which never worked.
The other self arrived to pray
Before a god he never shirked.

Though sky within and sky without;
Within its ribs, its godly shell—
The dream of truth can't live—I shout:
“Nothing's nothing. Nothing's in hell!”

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