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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Last Chance to Buy First Edition Toylit

I am going to withdraw it and subsequent editions from publication in anticipation for the end of Feb edition, which I promise will be worth purchasing on its own merits.

The primary advantage of buying the first edition of Toylit is so that you may own an embodied copy of poetry in process, with partial edits. This is in contrast to purchasing the end of Feb edition, which will be edited to my limit. For those who have seen the revisions of earlier poems posted on Toylit, you can see that a fine final product can come from unauspicious beginnings.

Electronic copies of Toylit are still free, but those too are going to go soon as well as I don't want inferior sketches competing for sales with final products.

Remember that the cheapest way for you to support Toylit is to 'indulge' your curiosity and 'check out' the wares of our sponsors--or to buy the crap you'd ordinarily buy on Amazon through Toylit. Just keep thinking, 'book salesman who recites poetry to close the deal.'

I'm going to be working on edits and today's news poem for the next few hours, so please stay tuned. I also have some other exciting developments for regular readers looking for other 'subaltern' writers.

As a wise junkie said in a weird movie: "Beware! Take care!"

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