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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ephemeral Pyramid [Today's News Poem, Feb 25, 2010]

Ephemeral Pyramid [Today's News Poem, Feb 25, 2010]

“As for Vancouver’s municipal government and the taxpayers, the bad news is already in. The immediate Olympic legacy for this city of 580,000 people is a nearly $1 billion debt from bailing out the Olympic Village development. Beyond that, people in Vancouver and British Columbia have already seen cuts in services like education, health care and arts financing from their provincial government, which is stuck with many other Olympics-related costs. “
--Ian Austen, NY Times, Feb 24

Reports are in: Olympic Village
Has drained Vancouver's funds by pillage.

Ignore those loathsome Arts. For Sport
We'll build a golden palace-fort

Just like the Pharaohs. Minions die:
In hospitals, inside their minds;
To finance skaters jumping high.
They'll eat the fruit, we'll live on rinds

That we pretend to savor, lest they say you're
Jealous, that I'm just a cur—a barking burr.

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