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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Apologia to Earth [Today's News Poem, Feb 9, 2010]

Apologia to Earth [Today's News Poem, Feb 9, 2010]

“The extent of agricultural waste could prove a more intractable problem than the many factories dumping effluent into China’s rivers and lakes.”

We're flattered, why aren't you flattered
By farms of fish, of beasts—our grain?
We live! Extinction has battered
Our cousins not us. It's our brain
That raised us here: now death cannot
Usurp our rule, as once before.
We've claimed the soil—what we allot
Are gleanings. Otherwise, ignore

Our flaming rivers, filth-soaked bays
Of condoms, diapers: residue
Of hardy reproductive ways.
Don't mind the current trash we spew,
We're bound for better lands than here.
We're reaching star-ward—we'll be gone
And trade our colonies of fear
On earth for the Olympus Mons.

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