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Thursday, February 04, 2010

$5 for 2.3.10 Toylit v3.01 Download

We know that the sketch can sometimes be more interesting than the finished painting--if only for the unrealized possibilities. Toylit is sketched daily as are its revisions. As of about 5pm PST, I'm going to work on the 2.4.10 edition of Toylit and will discontinue the 2.3.10 edition at around 20 circulation. Own sketches of poems and address them as living products of the author's performance (the poet's life is performance art). Sure, you'll have a chance to own your own copy of Toylit with these titles in them later, but you won't have a chance to own a printed edition with this draft: typos and all.

If you want an electronic copy, that's fine too, but I find it unlikely it will ever be a collector's item. Still, if you want to read the much better versions of Global Village and Haitian Fright Song, now you can do so for $5.

What's important to note is that Toylit is produced daily, in my spare time, which means I prioritize the deadline over the production quality. It is an evolving testament, which I think, makes it more compelling. We are embodied in time and while poetry can transcend time to a certain extent, it's still germinated in a temporal space.

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