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Friday, September 21, 2012

Regenesis [Today's News Poem by Khakjaan Wessington, September 21, 2012]

Regenesis [Today's News Poem by Khakjaan Wessington, September 21, 2012]

A child plays the saxophone, regenerates jazz by the quarters and twelfths—
Discovers the patterns and innovates beautifully: ignorant, beautifully.
Even The Trumpet is brass, just as judgment is brass for the bronze of each savage.
Salvage my body my offspring, before you ascend to adulthood without me.

The narrative arc of our history's gentleness. Children: comprehend
Every bully, the boredom of thugs; the way that your cat wants the robin,
Your father wants enemy blood in his mouth, blood on his phallus,
Death for your enemies and after they're finished, death for himself.

“Don't blame these attacks on a low-budget video, said The Wall Street Journal. A “far greater provocation to violence is the appearance of U.S. weakness” that president Obama and Rice displayed after the attack in Benghazi. By denouncing the film and the American who made it—rather than vociferously condemning the militants who murdered Stevens—this administration “only invites radicals to use more such excuses to kill more Americans.””
—The Week, September 28, 2012; Volume 12, Issue 585

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