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Friday, August 24, 2012

Ecce Mono [Today's News Poem, August 24, 2012]

Ecce Mono [Today's News Poem, August 24, 2012]

You knelt and grasped your rosary
And argued with creation.
Your poisoned essence oiled beads
And textured wood as if it were your nose,
Injected in yourself another sex
And bearded what was sacred to me.

Ecce Homo.

As painter, I have gesso and a vision.
I have more at stake than God.
My sperm is white as heaven,
White as bone, white as supposed light.
And when I lose, I lose forever:
There is no second masquerade.

Everybody knows I'm bored, near-death
And what I see, I choose to see.
And what I see are desperate apes,
Liars, and the desperate apes;
The nose oil and the pheromones of apes.

Ecce Mono.

'"You did it secretly, didn't you?"
"No! No, of course not."'
- BBC News, 23 August 2012 Last updated at 06:50 ET

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